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Born and raised in the rocky mountains in Fernie, British Columbia I took to the outdoors quickly and fishing and hunting became my two most favourite passions. I am also a avid food consumer and so I enjoy being adventurous in the kitchen and trying new foody concoctions. I thrive on an active lifestyle and always feel the need to be outdoors. For the last eleven years I have been working in the massage field as a self employed massage therapist and have found this carer offers me the perfect balance to life.

Alas I felt like something was missing from my life and travel has always been something I had desired. I met John in 2013 and his charismatic nature and his intense love for fishing is what caught my attention. After about three months of dating John told me about a trip he was planning to do for the last three years, a motorcycle trip to Central and South America. Like everyone I though the idea was amazing. I thought what a cool way to travel but who in there right mind would quite there job, settle their home affairs and travel around on a motorcycle for the next couple years?! Who does that I thought?! Apparently this was something he really wanted to do and was sure he was going to do it. John wanted the right person to join him on this epic trip and asked if I was interested? Without hesitation….. I said YES!!

Fast forward to 2015 one year later with our jobs quit and worldly possessions stored the trip tookOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA life. Some might think we where having our mid life crisis early and maybe we are but with the road under our tires and the rocky mountains at our back we’re heading south to sunny beaches with fingers crossed for some BIG FISH stories to tell!


At 35 years old and having played away most of my years I figure why stop now! My thirst for adrenaline packed fun has led me to hobbies like snowboarding, dirt bike racing, downhill biking, fishing and dual sport adventure riding. These activities fit well in the rocky mountains of Fernie British Columbia where I have been fortunate enough to call home over the past ten years. But alas as I aged and realized working my 9-5’er was allowing me to afford these hobbies I couldn’t help but think that a much larger adventure was waiting around the next corner. With the thirst for something new and the desire to see new sights I took a huge leap put my life on hold and coined this trip my “life break”. A trip I have dreamed about for over three years was finally going to happen or was it?, this were my thoughts when I first met Jenn. I had decided I needed to scratch the travel itch but when Jenn came along I knew something may have just gotten in the way of my departure. Only a short three months into dating Jenn I knew I had to tell her of my dreams, hoping she had the same thirst for adventure because if not then decisions, decisions….. My luck would be that she also wanted to travel! And so it come to be one year later with Jenns arms wrapped tightly around me we rode out into the unknown in search of adventure and I couldn’t think of a better person to be adventuring with then Jenn.


9 thoughts on “About us

  1. Michelle

    Hi Jen & John! It’s your Aussie friend you met at Paradise Resort Doc Let, Vietnam! Hope you guys are travelling well! Shoot me a quick email at some stage if you have time :)

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    • Anonymous

      hi Michelle, all is well here in steamy hot Cambodia (: thanks for stopping by and saying hello. . I hope this message finds you as I currently do not have your email address so I can’t not reply to your email at the moment.. if you would like please add me as a friend on f.b. and send me further messages through that channel. . all the best (:


      • Anonymous

        John Fendley or Jennifer Hutchinson
        @ Facebook


  2. Its been great reading your adventures in Guate.
    Did you find anywhere to buy fishing tackle?
    I’m in Flores but couldn’t bring tackle with me so was looking for a shop.
    So far no luck – and not helped by my poor Spanish :-(


    •  hi superfly, thank you for following along with us.  we hope you are going to like Guatemala as much as we did.  sadly we found the fishing rather challenging in central America when we approached it on our own mostly I think because the rivers and lakes throughout have no such form off conservation measures and over the years the local peoples have completely harvested all the waters decent size fish for their food needs.  I hope you well have better success then we did.  regarding tackle we did bring our own tackle but hardly used any off it as we found the tackle requirements to be much different there in C.A. then what tackle we had brought. There are however a few treacle stores along the way but most are found along the coastal regions of the countries where sport fishing opportunities are fond.  good luck and tight lines flyguy


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    Came to your ride report from a comment you left on my blog. I did the same thing at your age. No regrets. Sold everything and traveled the world with my wife at the time. That was back in my backpacker days. I like your style better. A beautiful wife, a couple fishing poles and a GS. Hanging out on Zipolite beach watching the sunset. It will bring a smile to your face remembering this adventure in a few decades when you’re an old man like me.

    Fernie is beautiful. It still makes me smile remembering cranking and banking down 3A my favorite road in BC just west of there coming back from Alaska.

    Safe travels to you both.

    Your ADVpal,


    • Thanks for the words of encouragement John as you know many of your words have inspired this trip of ours from your ADV ride report last winter, thank you!
      we hope you’re well and back riding in S.A very soon amigo.


  4. Anonymous

    Love how much you love Jen Thank you!!!!


  5. Barb Ferguson

    Wow, John and Jen, I really feel like I know you better now! Have the greatest adventures, you two!


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